KBC Imo Lucky Draw 2022

Imo Lottery Winner 2022

IMO Company has consistently produced winners. Thus, it has correctly become the company of KBC Imo Lucky Draw winners. To be an Imo lottery winner, you need to be duly informed. How everything works. In this website we will discuss about KBC Imo lottery Draw.

If you want to join the IMO lucky draw for this season, you must fulfill the requirements for participation. Furthermore, you would need to learn how to prevent yourself from being scammed by fake callers.

Imo Lottery Winner 2022 List Today

No: Imo Winner Name: Winning Amount: Imo Number: Lottery Numbers:
1. Oad Rajput 25,00,000 INR 875****635 100105
2. Asghar Cool 25,00,000 INR 900****231 982739
3. Ganyaal Kumar 25,00,000 INR 990****555 827364
4. Gauni Devi 25,00,000 INR 999****122 827364
5. Aslam Dodhi 35,00,000 INR 922****420 132483
6. Shahbaz Janii 35,00,000 INR 877****110 323467

KBC Imo Lucky Draw

IMO lottery participation

IMO Company is bringing unprecedented changes to the system, and this improvement is great news for our customers. We have changed the Imo lottery winner prize, and we have increased the odds. You can easily check all the new changes on our website.

Also, we have our official head office number, +19188194870, for you to reach out to us for all enquiries. You do not need to register and get enlisted to participate in the IMO lottery because IMO is connected to all sim card organizations in India.

For the first time in our history, Ncell, alongside the mobile sim cards for lucky draws, has been integrated for monthly participation. Out of over fifty thousand IMO sim cards, only five can become the Imo prize winner for the month. You can increase your chances of being an Imo lottery winner through the following ways:

  • Recharge your sim card regularly
  • You might decide to purchase the IMO lottery ticket from our head office directly.
  • Stay tuned on our website for any update or information

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